Cunning General



Strength: d6
Agility: d6
Vigor: d4
Smarts: d8
Spirit: d8


Fighting (Agility) d6
Riding (Agility) d6
Shooting (Agility) d6
Stealth (Agility) d4
Gambling (Smarts) d8
Knowledge (Mythology) (Smarts) d8
Perception (Smarts) d8
Poetry (Smarts) d6
Taunt (Smarts) d8
Persuade (Spirit) d8
Divinity (Spirit) d6


Parry – 5 (6 with shield, 7 with shield + spear)
Pace – 6 Squares
Toughness – 6 (7 with shield vs. ranged attack)
Charisma- 1
Mana – 8
Fortune 4


Sharp Tongue – Hylas is full of wit and usually can’t resist a cutting remark, even at the worst possible times.

Enemy of Naxos – Hylas was once a respected general in Naxos, but they have never forgiven him for defacing a massive statue of Bel as a drunken prank.

Command – Hylas is known as a cunning general, despite his flaws. Those under his command trust that he will always keep them one step ahead of the enemy. Hylas’ companions and soldiers under his command get +1 to their Spirit rolls to recover from being shaken as long as he is within their line of sight.

Fervor Hylas’ strategies give his soldiers the edge in combat. His companions and soldiers under his command get +1 to their Fighting rolls as long as he is within their line of sight.

Attractive Hylas gets +1 Charisma.

Lucky – Hylas gets a bonus point of Fortune whenever it is refreshed. He starts the game with 4 points instead of the usual 3.


Glamour (Tane) – 2 Mana – Hylas’ fervent devotion to Tane has been rewarded with this magic, which can create a single illusion up to the size of a large man, or it can alter Hylas’ appearance as a disguise. Creatures can attempt a Perception roll at -2 to see through the illusion. The illusion lasts for a full day, although it can be dispelled early if another creature makes physical contact with it.

h2 Equipment

Bronze Sword (Str + 1d8)
Bronze Spear (Str + 1d6, Parry +1)
Bronze Medium Shield (Parry +1, +2 Armor vs Ranged Attacks)
Coat of Bronze Scales (Armor +2)
Commander’s Helmet (Armor +3 vs. head called shots only)


Hylas was born in Naxos, a city of Delos known for its fierce warriors. Despite being brought up in a military culture, he always admired Tane, the trickster god. When the time came for his mandatory military service (which all Naxosian citizens are required to participate in), he was a mediocre warrior but quickly established himself as a daring and brilliant tactician. His men frequently outmaneuvered and outflanked the enemy. His men revered him and he rose to the rank of General at just 30, becoming the youngest general in Naxos history.

Unfortunately, his irreverent nature got the best of him, and during a night of drunken antics he defaced the statute of Bel, god of war and the chief god of Naxos, by carving lewd symbols into it. He was exiled by Naxos for a decade for this blasphemy, but the people of Astra were happy to over look his indiscretions, adopting him as a citizen of Astra and awarding him the rank of general once more. Now he serves as a military leader in Astra, at least for as long as he can manage not to provoke his adopted city too much.


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