Wealthy Merchant



Strength: d6
Agility: d8
Vigor: d6
Smarts: d8
Spirit: d4


Climbing (Strength) d6
Fighting (Agility) d6
Stealth (Agility) d8
Throwing (Agility) d8
Boating (Agility) d8
Knowledge (Geography) (Smarts) d8
Knowledge (Law) (Smarts) d6
Investigation (Smarts) d8
Perception (Smarts) d6
Survival (Smarts) d8
Intimidate (Spirit) d6
Divinity (Spirit) d4


Parry – 5
Pace – 6 Squares
Toughness – 6 (9 w/ Scales)
Charisma- 2
Mana 4
Fortune 3


Greedy Ianthe is always looking for how she can profit from the circumstances she finds herself in. This is in large part why she’s wealthy today, but it also sometimes lands her in trouble.

Captain Ianthe gets +2 to boating rolls and can spend points of Fortune to reroll any dice that would cause damage to a boat she is captaining.

Rich Ianthe runs a fleet of merchant ships and is extremely well off. She generates 5 Wealth for Astra every season, and if a situation requires large amounts of money she can make a Spirit roll to come up with it.

Attractive Ianthe gets +2 Charisma.

Two Weapon Fighting When wielding a weapon in each hand, Ianthe can attack with both weapons at no penalty.

Dodge Ranged attacks against Ianthe suffer a -1 to their rolls and Ianthe gets +1 to Agility rolls to avoid area-effect attacks (if an agility roll is allowed).

h2 Equipment

Bronze Sword (Str + 1d8)
6 Bronze Throwing Daggers (Str + 1d4, range 3/6/9)
Leather Cuirass (Armor +1)
Siren (Ianthe’s personal ship – Trireme)


Knows of a secret cove in the channel to the Lunars

Treasure of the Maze – Scroll of Etana

2000 Ianthe Female Mermadon Navy 25 Fully Crewed Warships

50 Fully Crewed Warships in the Astra Navy, 10 Ships carrying Hylas Fire

The Scales of Bell – +3 Toughness and you can re-roll the damage dice 1/day

2000 Orlanthanian Mercenaries with 10 Battleships


I have a contact on the Sorcerer’s Council of Hrestal – Kylorac (ex lover, I broke his heart).

Near the center of the Isle of the Crater Ianthe found shattered eggs of a giant lizard. In the eggs she found an ancient scroll. The scroll is written in a language I can not read. The language is the old language of Dragons. It pertains to a mystical dragon enlightenment.

Has the head of Harkos, Precept of the Lunar Empire. Speak to commanding officer Markos


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