Respected Patrician



Strength: d8
Agility: d6
Vigor: d8
Smarts: d8
Spirit: d6


Fighting (Agility) – d6
Riding (Agility) – d6
Shooting (Agility) – d8
Boating (Agility) – d6
Knowledge (Geography) (Smarts) – d6
Knowledge (Law) (Smarts) – d8
Investigation (Smarts) – d8
Perception (Smarts) – d8
Survival (Smarts) – d6
Intimidate (Spirit) – d4
Shamanism (Spirit) – d6
Sorcery (Smarts) – d4


Parry – 4
Pace – 6 Squares
Toughness – 7
Charisma- 2
Mana 4
Fortune 3


Heroic – Lukos can never say no to a person in need. He’s the first one to run into a burning building or volunteer to hunt down a monster, usually accepting nothing in return.

Noble – Lukos is the head of the wealthiest landowning family in Astra. He gains +2 Charisma from his high status and generates 2 wealth for Astra every season, and and if a situation requires large amounts of money he can make a Spirit roll to come up with it. However, his family lands and business dealings will sometimes take up his time and attention.

Hard to Kill – Surviving his harrowing escape from the Isle of Wights has made Lukos tough as nails. Whenever he has to make Vigor rolls to survive being incapacitated, he ignores all wound penalties. Additionally, if he is ever “killed”, he can roll a die. On an odd result he dies normally, but on an even result he survives somehow.

Marksman Lukos is an expert bow hunter. If he has not moved in a turn, he gains a +2 to all ranged attacks.


  • Ipharia (Minor Man Spirit) – Pact


  • Truth
  • Life
  • Mastery


Earthlore – Ipharia – Once Per Day – Lukos can call upon Ipharia, his family’s guardian spirit, for counsel. He gains +2 to a single Survival, Knowledge (Geography), Boating, or Investigation roll. This is a bonus action.

Wyter’s Favor – Ipharia – 2 Mana – Lukos can grant a single target within 30 feet (including himself) an extra card draw when initiative is being determined.

Disillusion – Truth – 1 Mana – As an action, you attempt to destroy an illusion within 40 feet. Roll a Sorcery check. If you succeed, the illusion bursts into grey flames, dealing 3d6 damage to everyone within a 10 foot radius. The illusion is destroyed in the process.

h2 Equipment

Bronze Spear (Str + 1d6, +1 Parry)
Bronze Shield (Parry +2, +2 Armor against ranged attacks)
Leather Hauberk (Armor +1)
Amulet of Cold Fire (Grants +1 on Vigor Rolls and +4 Armor against magical attacks)
Bow (2d6, Range 30/60/90)


Lukos was born and raised in Astra, eldest son of wealthy and influential clan. Growing up, he showed courage from an early age, frequently participating in raids against other city-states and fighting with valor each time. Mundane combat was not enough to quench his thirst for glory, so as a young man he embarked upon a journey with two of his best friends to the cursed Isle of Wights, a forbidden island overrun by evil spirits and the undead.

Only Lukos returned, bearing a sorcerous amulet snatched from a moldering tomb. He seldom speaks of the horrors he saw on the Isle, but the journey changed him. He abandoned his wandering and fighting and returned home to his family to manage their lands. When his father died, he became the head of the family, and his shrewd leadership has brought them into an era of unprecedented prosperity, culminating with his election to the Senate of Astra.


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