Respected Patrician



Strength: d8
Agility: d6
Vigor: d8
Smarts: d8
Spirit: d6


Fighting (Agility) – d6
Riding (Agility) – d6
Shooting (Agility) – d8
Boating (Agility) – d6
Knowledge (Geography) (Smarts) – d6
Knowledge (Law) (Smarts) – d8
Investigation (Smarts) – d8
Perception (Smarts) – d8
Survival (Smarts) – d6
Intimidate (Spirit) – d4
Shamanism (Spirit) – d8
Sorcery (Smarts) – d4


Parry – 4
Pace – 6 Squares
Toughness – 7
Charisma- 2
Mana 4
Fortune 3


Heroic – Lukos can never say no to a person in need. He’s the first one to run into a burning building or volunteer to hunt down a monster, usually accepting nothing in return.

Noble – Lukos is the head of the wealthiest landowning family in Astra. He gains +2 Charisma from his high status and generates 2 wealth for Astra every season, and and if a situation requires large amounts of money he can make a Spirit roll to come up with it. However, his family lands and business dealings will sometimes take up his time and attention.

Hard to Kill – Surviving his harrowing escape from the Isle of Wights has made Lukos tough as nails. Whenever he has to make Vigor rolls to survive being incapacitated, he ignores all wound penalties. Additionally, if he is ever “killed”, he can roll a die. On an odd result he dies normally, but on an even result he survives somehow.

Marksman Lukos is an expert bow hunter. If he has not moved in a turn, he gains a +2 to all ranged attacks.

Fetch As a shaman, Lukos has awakened a part of his soul that lies dormant in most people, giving him powers over the spirit world. His fetch takes the form of an armadillo that follows him around everywhere and does his bidding.

Eldwolf Pact – The Eldwolf demands that you destroy chaos creatures on sight.


  • Ipharia (Minor Man Spirit) – Pact
  • The Eldwolf (Major Eternal Battle Spirit – Pact


  • Truth
  • Life
  • Mastery
  • Eternal Battle


Spirit Sight – Fetch – A shaman exists in both the spirt world and the physical world at the same time. He can see spirits even if they don’t have a physical form.

Spirit Travel – Fetch – 2 Mana – A shaman has the power to separate his soul from his body and travel into the spirit world. When Phlegon uses this power, he can choose whether to allow the Ash Woman to possess his body or not. If he allows her to possess his body, she can move and act with his body until his spirit returns (although he may not like what she does with it), and she protects his body so that it cannot be possessed by another spirit. If he does not allow her to possess his body, it lies in a helpless catatonic state until his spirit returns and can be possessed by any spirit that happens to be in the area. In the spirit world, Phlegon can interact with and combat spirits as if they were physical entities, and can observe events in the physical world invisibly, and can cast some spells that affect the physical world.

Exorcism – Fetch – 4 Mana – A shaman has the power to exorcise spirits that possess the bodies of others. As an action, he can use this power to target a possessed creature within 30 feet. He and the spirit make an opposed Spirit roll, and if he wins the spirit is driven out and the creature is no longer possessed.

Spirit Pact – Fetch – A shaman can enter into pacts with spirits to gain their services or to gain new magic. In return, Phlegon may have to provide some of his Fortune to the spirit, or he may have to acquire a new Vow, or he may have to perform some act for the spirit.

Spirit Control – Fetch – A shaman also has the power to forcibly subjugate spirits to his will. When Phlegon would deal damage that would kill a spirit, he may choose to allow it to live instead, in return for a single service. This negates the lethal damage, and the spirit cannot attack Phlegon until the service has been performed. Phlegon gets to name the terms of the service, which may include the spirit giving some of its Fortune to Phlegon, the spirit allowing him to cast a spell the spirit knows a single time, or any other act.

Earthlore – Ipharia – Once Per Day – Lukos can call upon Ipharia, his family’s guardian spirit, for counsel. He gains +2 to a single Survival, Knowledge (Geography), Boating, or Investigation roll. This is a bonus action.

Wyter’s Favor – Ipharia – 2 Mana – Lukos can grant a single target within 30 feet (including himself) an extra card draw when initiative is being determined.

Disillusion – Truth – 1 Mana – As an action, you attempt to destroy an illusion within 40 feet. Roll a Sorcery check. If you succeed, the illusion bursts into grey flames, dealing 3d6 damage to everyone within a 10 foot radius. The illusion is destroyed in the process.

Wind Blast – Air – 1 Mana - As an action, you may roll your Spirit against all creatures within either a 20 foot by 20 foot cube, or within a 15 foot radius around you. On a success, you can move each creature 15 feet (and you may move them an additional 15 feet per raise) in a straight line. If you used this power as a cube, then all creatures affected must be moved the same direction. If you used this power as a radius, then all creatures affected must be moved in a straight line away from you. If the creature strikes another creature or an obstacle, it suffers your Spirit in damage (and an additional Spirit dice for every raise). 

Berserk Rage – Eternal Battle – 2 Mana – As an action, the Eldwolf can cause another creature (or himself) to enter into a state of violent fury. While enraged, the creature gains +1 to Fighting rolls, +2 to its Toughness, and can use Fortune to reroll damage rolls. Additionally, if the creature would suffer wounds sufficient to incapacitate it, it may make an additional Vigor roll to try to shrug them off. This state lasts 6 rounds.  If the Eldwolf has just discovered a Chaos creature, he can cast this spell as an interrupt and for free (once per battle). 

Sense Chaos – Eternal Battle – The Eldwolf can passively sense chaos creatures or magic within an area around him. Within ten miles around him, he can sense the presence of chaos and its direction relative to him. Within a mile around him, he can sense the approximate distance away from him as well. Within 100 feet of him, he can identify a chaos creature (no matter what form it takes) on sight. 

Summons of Urox – Eternal Battle – 3 Mana – As an action, the Eldwolf can command the allegiance of any Orlanthi air-rune spirit. If no such spirit is present, he summons a Wild Wind that aids him until the end of the battle, or performs one service. 

Storm Bull’s Hide – Eternal Battle – 1 Mana – As an interrupt when you are struck by an attack, increase your toughness by 2 for that attack only. If the attack is from a chaos creature or chaos rune spell, increase your toughness by 4 instead.  

h2 Equipment

Bronze Spear (Str + 1d6, +1 Parry)
Bronze Shield (Parry +2, +2 Armor against ranged attacks)
Leather Hauberk (Armor +1)
Amulet of Cold Fire (Grants +1 on Vigor Rolls and +4 Armor against magical attacks)
Bow (2d6, Range 30/60/90)


Lukos was born and raised in Astra, eldest son of wealthy and influential clan. Growing up, he showed courage from an early age, frequently participating in raids against other city-states and fighting with valor each time. Mundane combat was not enough to quench his thirst for glory, so as a young man he embarked upon a journey with two of his best friends to the cursed Isle of Wights, a forbidden island overrun by evil spirits and the undead.

Only Lukos returned, bearing a sorcerous amulet snatched from a moldering tomb. He seldom speaks of the horrors he saw on the Isle, but the journey changed him. He abandoned his wandering and fighting and returned home to his family to manage their lands. When his father died, he became the head of the family, and his shrewd leadership has brought them into an era of unprecedented prosperity, culminating with his election to the Senate of Astra.


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