Ambitious Shaman



Strength: d6
Agility: d6
Vigor: d8
Smarts: d6
Spirit: d10


Fighting (Agility) d4
Stealth (Agility) d6
Riding (Agility) d6
Healing (Smarts) d6
Knowledge (Geography) d6
Knowledge (Magic) d8
Perception (Smarts) d6
Investigation (Smarts) d6
Sorcery (Smarts) d8
Shamanism (Spirit) d8
Persuade (Spirit) d6


Parry – 4
Pace – 6 Squares
Toughness – 6
Charisma- 0
Mana 10
Fortune 5


Prideful Phlegon has quite the ego and cannot abide an affront to his reputation.

Oathbreaker Phlegon has broken his oath with the Ash woman.

Vow of the Blood-Leaf Phlegon has made a pact with the predatory nature spirit Vine Abomination. He must sacrifice two loggers in the Midcopse forest every year.

Bloody Cough A sign of his close brush with death, Phlegon is sometimes overcome by fits of coughing, often mixed with blood.

Fetch As a shaman, Phlegon has awakened a part of his soul that lies dormant in most people, giving him powers over the spirit world. His fetch takes the form of a black cat named Malkys that follows him around everywhere and does his bidding.

Grand Duke’s Pact Phlegon has agreed to provide the Grand Duke of Butterflies with 1 wealth worth of wine every year.


  • Death
  • Power
  • Magic


  • Vine Abomination (Minor Plant Spirit) – Pact
  • Grand Duke of Butterflies (Minor Beast Spirit) – Pact


Spirit Sight – Fetch – A shaman exists in both the spirt world and the physical world at the same time. He can see spirits even if they don’t have a physical form.

Spirit Travel – Fetch – 2 Mana – A shaman has the power to separate his soul from his body and travel into the spirit world. When Phlegon uses this power, he can choose whether to allow the Ash Woman to possess his body or not. If he allows her to possess his body, she can move and act with his body until his spirit returns (although he may not like what she does with it), and she protects his body so that it cannot be possessed by another spirit. If he does not allow her to possess his body, it lies in a helpless catatonic state until his spirit returns and can be possessed by any spirit that happens to be in the area. In the spirit world, Phlegon can interact with and combat spirits as if they were physical entities, and can observe events in the physical world invisibly, and can cast some spells that affect the physical world.

Exorcism – Fetch – 4 Mana – A shaman has the power to exorcise spirits that possess the bodies of others. As an action, he can use this power to target a possessed creature within 30 feet. He and the spirit make an opposed Spirit roll, and if he wins the spirit is driven out and the creature is no longer possessed.

Spirit Pact – Fetch – A shaman can enter into pacts with spirits to gain their services or to gain new magic. In return, Phlegon may have to provide some of his Fortune to the spirit, or he may have to acquire a new Vow, or he may have to perform some act for the spirit.

Spirit Control – Fetch – A shaman also has the power to forcibly subjugate spirits to his will. When Phlegon would deal damage that would kill a spirit, he may choose to allow it to live instead, in return for a single service. This negates the lethal damage, and the spirit cannot attack Phlegon until the service has been performed. Phlegon gets to name the terms of the service, which may include the spirit giving some of its Fortune to Phlegon, the spirit allowing him to cast a spell the spirit knows a single time, or any other act.

Death Ward – Death Rune – If Phlegon suffers an attack that would kill him, as a reaction he can spend all of his remaining mana and Fortune to negate the damage. He can only use this spell if he has at least one point of Mana or Fortune.

Bondage of Vines – Vine Abomination – 1 Mana – As an action, roll your Shamanism as an attack against anyone within 60 feet. If you hit, the target takes 2d4 damage and loses the ability to move. As an action, they can make a Strength check to regain their ability to move.

Sharpen Senses – Vine Abomination – 1 Mana – As a bonus action, whenever you make a perception check, you gain a +1 on your roll. If you are in a forest, you gain a +2 instead.

Summon Vine Abomination – Vine Abomination – 4 Mana – As an action, you summon your spirit Vine Abomination and force him to take corporeal form. He acts on your turn and can use all Vine Abomination abilities as well as making physical attacks.

Field of Orange – Grand Duke of Butterflies – 1 Mana – As a bonus action, you can surround yourself with a cloud of butterflies, imposing a -2 to ranged attacks against you for that round. You can maintain this cloud for 1 mana per round.

Butterfly Blast – Grand Duke of Butterflies – 2 Mana – As an action, you can make an attack using your Shamanism as at a target within 40 feet. If it hits, you deal your Shamanism in damage. You can use this as a reaction against a spell or ranged attack directed at you instead – if you do, instead you reduce the damage of the spell or ranged attack by the damage this attack would deal. Any remaining damage is dealt to the target normally.

Tap Magic – Magic Rune – Choose a magic spell or effect within 40 feet and spend 2 Mana. You make a Sorcery check opposed by the relevant magic skill (Sorcery, Divinity or Shamanism) of the caster of that effect. If you succeed, that source of magic is extinguished immediately and you gain a number of points of mana equal to half the mana spent on the spell or effect. Using this spell causes a wave of magical dampening to wash over the area, causing any other spells cast in the same round to suffer a -1 to their rolls. You can use this power to attack spirits with your sorcery skill (with a +2 bonus) instead, target number 4. You gain 4 points of mana per wound inflicted. If you are about to take damage from a spell or magical effect, you may use this spell (even if it is not your turn) to negate that damage immediately but you must spend 2 points of mana to do so. You regain 1 point of mana per wound prevented in this way.

Empower Spell – Power Rune – Combine with any other spell effect that rolls dice to add 2 dice to the roll. Add 2 Mana to the cost of the spell.

Energy Nimbus – Power Rune – 2 Mana – As an action, surrounds yourself with a nimbus of energy, allowing you to fly at a Pace of 12. If you are struck by an attack and you would take a wound, your nimbus will absorb one wound (but the nimbus is lost). When casting a spell, your nimbus can be sacrificed to generate 2 mana.

h2 Equipment

Bronze Sword (Str + 1d8)
Leather Cuirass (Armor 1)


Phlegon was born in Astra to humble farmers, but as a young man he chose to venture west of Delos to seek his fortune. He spent several years among the Orlanthi barbarians in the Shining Plains, joining them on raids and on the hunt. One day a shaman approached him and told him he had latent magical potential, and offered to train him in the ways of the shamanism. Phlegon accepted, and became the shaman’s apprentice.

He was an apt student and learned quickly, and on his 22nd birthday the shaman allowed him to perform the ritual to travel to the spirit world and awaken his second soul, known as a spirit quest. The spirit quest is a dangerous journey, and many apprentices never return, their souls destroyed and their soulless bodies left to waste away. Phlegon’s spirit fell into a dark place, and he wandered lost until he entered the domain of a powerful death spirit known as the Ash Woman. She threatened to consume his soul unless he entered her service, and the helpless Phlegon had no choice but to accept. When he returned to his body, he was changed, marked by darkness but filled with a tremendous power and the knowledge of the ill-omened death rune.

His master sent him away, fearing that he would bring misfortune on the clan. Phlegon made his way back to his native Astra. He told no one about his pact with the Ash Woman, and was welcomed by his people with open arms. Shamans are rare in Delos and he soon became a respected and valued member of the community. Every year, he quietly finds a criminal or other indigent to sacrifice to the Ash Woman while he searches for a way to free himself from her clutches.


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