Strength: d4
Agility: d4
Vigor: d6
Smarts: d10
Spirit: d8


Fighting (Agility) d4
Stealth (Agility) d4
Gambling (Smarts) d6
Knowledge (Geography) d6
Knowledge (Magic) d8
Perception (Smarts) d6
Investigation (Smarts) d6
Sorcery (Smarts) d8
Shamanism (Spirit) d4
Persuade (Spirit) d4


Parry – 4
Pace – 6 Squares
Toughness – 5
Charisma- 0
Mana 10
Fortune 3


Arrogant Sar-Amman spent most of his life among the revered sorcerer class of Hrestol, and even in exile he has retained some of the attitude of his former life.
Enemy of Hrestol Sar-Amman was exiled from Hrestol for practicing forbidden magic and is likely to be treated with contempt by anyone from his homeland.


  • Mastery
  • Fire
  • Stasis
  • Storm


Perpetuate – Stasis – Combine with any other spell effect to make it persist as long as you want it to. While the effect persists, lower your maximum mana pool by the casting cost of the spell.

Rainstorm – Storm – 2 Mana – Causes heavy rain to fall in a one mile radius around you. Creatures in the area suffer a -1 to attack rolls and agility-based skills.

Lightning Bolt – Storm – 2 Mana – Causes lightning to fly from your fingers. If used as an attack, roll an attack using your Sorcery skill against all targets in a 40 foot line, target number 4. This attack deals damage equal to your Sorcery plus 1d6 and ignores armor bonuses provided by non-magical metal armor.

Produce Flame – Fire – 1Mana – Creates a short burst of fire. If used as an attack, roll an attack using your sorcery skill against a single target within 60 feet, target number 4. This attack deals damage equal to your Sorcery.

Tap Fire – Fire – 1 Mana – Choose a source of fire within 40 feet. That source of fire is extinguished immediately and you gain a number of points of mana depending upon the size and intensity of the source (generally 1 point of mana per five-foot-square the fire source occupies). Using this spell causes a wave of unnatural cold to wash over the area. Creatures of living fire are attacked with your sorcery skill (with a +2 bonus) instead, target number 4. You gain 4 points of mana per wound inflicted. If you are about to take damage from a fire attack, you may use this spell (even if it is not your turn) to negate that damage immediately but you must spend 2 points of mana to do so. You regain 1 point of mana per wound prevented in this way.

Enhance – Mastery – 1 Mana – A simple charm to increase the skill level of a creature. Choose a skill and a creature within 40 feet (can target yourself). Increase that creature’s skill by one die type on all rolls of that skill in its next turn.

Shape – Mastery – Combine with any other spell effect to change the shape of the effect in any way as long as it doesn’t increase the total size of the effect. You can decrease the total size if you want. Add 2 mana to the casting cost of the spell.

h2 Equipment

Bronze Sword (Str + 1d8)
Fine Robes


Sar-Amman was born in Hrestol, an island kingdom to the west of Delos. The Hrestoli revere sorcerers, and are ruled by a council of nobles and sorcerers. They worship their own god, called the Invisible God, who they claim created the runes that make up all matter in the world. He teaches that the world is made up of logical principles that can be understood and manipulated by mortals. They revere the memory of Malkion, an ancient sorcerer who became the prophet of the Invisible God but was killed during the great darkness.

The Hrestoli run a number of powerful colleges of magic, and Sar-Amman showed promise in sorcery as a youth and was recruited into the Skarnaxos school, which studies the storm rune. He excelled at his studies, and even came to a basic understanding of several other runes. But his thirst for knowledge caused him to break one of Malkion’s laws of sorcery. In an ancient text, Sar-Amman found a spell to tap the fire rune. Tapping is a magical process that converts a rune into pure magical energy, destroying the substance of that rune in the process. Because it destroys runes (and usually harms whatever those runes were a part of), tapping is viewed by the Hrestoli as deeply immoral and it’s use is forbidden. When a rival student found out and informed the heads of the school, Sar-Amman was expelled from his college and exiled from Hrestol.

He wandered west to Delos, eventually finding a home for himself in the city of Astra. He is paid a modest salary by the Astran senate and in return he uses his magic to bring rain to their crops, and occasionally to help the city in other ways as well. Sar-Amman has spent the last 5 years in Astra and has grown very friendly with its inhabitants during that time.


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