Grizzled Old Warrior



Strength: d8
Agility: d8
Vigor: d8
Smarts: d4
Spirit: d6


Fighting (Agility) d8
Stealth (Agility) d4
Riding (Agility) d8
Throwing (Agility) d6
Gambling (Smarts) d4
Healing (Smarts) d4
Perception (Smarts) d4
Poetry (Smarts) d6
Intimidate (Spirit) d6


Parry – 7 (9 with shield, 10 with shield + spear)
Pace – 6 Squares
Toughness – 6 (8 including armor, 10 with shield bonus vs ranged attacks)
Charisma- 0
Mana 6
Fortune 3


Drinking Problem – Stratos drinks more often than he should to ease the pain of a wound caused by a troll’s cursed adze.

Berserk – Whenever you take a wound, you must succeed at a Smarts roll or go berserk. While berserk, your parry is reduced by 2 but you add 2 to all fighting and strength rolls (including melee damage). You ignore all wound penalties while berserk but cannot use any skills, edges or maneuvers that require concentration (including ranged attacks). Any time you attempt a melee attack and roll a 1 while berserk, you hit a random adjacent target. If there are no adjacent targets, you simply miss. You may attempt to end your berserk rage by using your entire turn to make a Smarts roll at -2.

Block – You add 1 to your parry value.

Improved Block – While wielding a shield, ranged attacks made against you must beat your parry value (instead of just a 4), to hit you. This edge does not apply when you are surprised, shaken or incapacitated. Some ranged attacks (such as black powder rifles, magical attacks, and other extraordinary ranged attacks) may not be blocked with this edge (DM’s discretion).

First Strike – Once per turn, when an enemy moves adjacent to you, you get a free melee attack against them. This interrupts their action and does not cost your action if you are on hold or have not acted yet this round. You can’t use this edge if you are shaken.

h2 Equipment

Bronze Spear (Str + 1d6, Parry +1)
Asfang (Iron Sword, Str + 1d8 + 1)
Bronze Large Shield (Parry +2, +2 Armor against ranged attacks)
Coat of Bronze Scales (Armor +2)


Stratos was orphaned shortly after birth when his parents perished from a plague. As a teenager, he joined a mercenary company and traveled the world for years, fighting wars for coin. He became an accomplished warrior and earned a small fortune before deciding to return to his homeland. He bought a home in Astra and lives there in early retirement and drinking away his fortune. He has old wounds that ache, particularly where he was struck by the cursed black adze of a dark troll. He slew the troll but the wound still torments him.

His prized possession is his iron sword Asfang, which he took after besting a dwarf warrior in combat. Iron is rare and precious in Glorantha, forged from the bones of dead dragons. Asfang is lighter than bronze weapons and never dulls, and has been known to cut lesser blades in half.


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