Bel and the Giants

A long time ago when the people first settled Delos, the land was also inhabited by terrible giants. The giants were ruled by a king named Firnex, who bore a terrible spear that looked like a serpent. The giants often ate the people and destroyed their houses and stole from their herds, and they lived in fear every day. 

The people prayed to Bel to protect them from the giants, and their prayers rose up to his home on the mountain side. "I will save the people from the giants and they will know I am the greatest warrior," said Bel. He took up his sword and his shield, and he put on his coat of metal scales, and he gathered up the freezing north wind, the thunderous east wind, and the calamitous south wind and put them in a bag. 

When Bel came down the mountain, he saw that the giants were much larger than he was, and he knew that he could not defeat them unless he was as large as they. So he went to see Apsu, god of the seas, for he hides many secrets. Apsu rose out of the waves to meet him and said "Why have you come here, son of my brother?"

And Bel said "I seek to slay the giants of this land."

Apsu laughed and asked him "You know I am no friend of your father. Why would I help you, war-bringer?" 

Bel replied "Help me or I will smite you with my metal sword and my father will bring thunder down upon you and your house." 

Apsu gave Bel a belt that would allow him to grow as tall as a giant, or as small as a mouse. 

Bel took the belt and went into the land, slaying every giant he came upon. For although the giants were strong, they were not used to fighting someone as big as they are, and none could match his skill at arms. Where they fell, they left great hills and mountains. Soon, only their king Firnex remained. He was the biggest giant of all. Bel charged him and the two massive creatures battled across the land, from one side to the other. The giant king was as strong and fast as Bel, and the two seemed to be at a standstill until Bel opened the bag, releasing the winds. They flew out and the giant king staggered back, his guard lowered for just a moment.

Bel lunged forward, his massive sword raised for the kill. The wind roared around him and time seemed to almost stop. The moment came. Bel did not flinch. The giant king's bloody head fell to the ground. And so Bel saved the people of Delos from the giants. 

What this quest can do: 

* Bring back a treasure
* Smite the trolls 
* Gain knowledge of the Wind or Power runes
* Increase the Strength or Vigor of the quester
* Increase the quester's Fighting, Shooting, Throwing or Climbing skills 
* Gain Bel's blessing in combat 

Bel and the Giants

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