Orenoa Shows the Way

Long ago during the great darkness the world had come apart. Orenoa saw the darkness enveloping the whole world and feared that truth would be snuffed out by the encroaching dark. Even the light from Orenoa's lamp had been scattered. "I must go and gather up the truth," she said to herself, "Before it is lost forever." So she picked up her empty lamp and began to search. 

She wandered the world, gathering up the truth and placing it into her lamp, and it began to shine faintly. As she walked the darkened world, she saw a pack of monsters approaching, black-skinned people with eyes instead of faces and mouths instead of bellies. Many things had come apart during the Great Darkness and put themselves back together in evil new forms. Quickly, Orenoa hid behind a great dead tree and covered her lamp with her cloak. The eyes of the monsters darted to and fro, but they did not see Orenoa and so they passed by. Once they were gone, she went on her way again. 

She walked farther and gathered up more truth and put it in her lamp, and it began to shine dimly. She came to a valley, and saw the people below, huddled together in the darkness. She stood atop a hill and raised her lamp, and the people saw the light and came to her. They were led by a priest called Erpid. "Help us Orenoa, for we have wandered in the darkness for days and we cannot remain in this valley." And she said "Follow me, and I will show you a new way." And the people followed Orenoa and her lamp, and they left the valley together. 

They came to a cave, and descended into the depths to seek truth beneath the earth. She found more truth there and put it in her lamp, and it began to shine brightly. There, they found a creature called Ignorance, chained to a wall. Ignorance reared up and bared its fangs at Orenoa and the people, growling. The people feared that they would all be devoured, but Orenoa brandished her lamp Ignorance was blinded by its light. She then approached Ignorance and whispered its true name into its ear – Origin. The creature calmed and let Orenoa and the people pass. 

They left the depths of the earth, emerging in a new place. Orenoa found more truth and put it in her lamp, and it began to blaze. The light was so bright that shadows fled from Orenoa and her lamp, and the only darkness lingered far in the distance. Some of the people became afraid of the brilliant light, afraid that it would drive off all shadow and make everything known. Orenoa searched the new place for more truth, but she could not find any because Erpid had stolen ahead of Orenoa and snuffed it out.

The people began to settle the new land that Orenoa had brought them to.  But then a creature of chaos called Gbaji appeared from over the mountains. He had the body of a man and the head of a unicorn. He wore splendid robes and from his mouth issued all lies and deception. The people were very afraid of him, and fled as he approached, calling out to Orenoa. She took up her lamp and spear and went out to battle Gbaji, but he was too strong and she could not best him in combat. Gbaji's claws rent her flesh and all seemed lost.

But when the people heard Orenoa cry out in pain, they were moved and lost their fear of Gbaji. They surrounded Orenoa and she found the strength to stand and fight once more. Raising her lamp high, she led the people against Gbaji and together they drove him from the land. Thus the people earned their homeland, and Orenoa saved truth from being lost. 

What this quest can do: 

* Bring back a treasure
* Show penance to mollify Orenoa
* Gain knowledge of the Law or Truth runes
* Smite the creatures of chaos
* Increase the Spirit or Agility of the quester
* Increase the quester's Fighting, Divinity, Sorcery, Knowledge (Law) or Knowledge (Magic) skills

Orenoa Shows the Way

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