Gods of Delos

The Gods

When Delosians refer to "the gods" they are usually referring to a pantheon of five chief benevolent gods that they worship. These include: 

* Ramtha – The god of the sun, the sky, and the mountains. He is the king of the gods. He looks after his subjects but can also be proud and jealous. A long time ago he died and the world was plunged into everlasting darkness that almost destroyed everything, but a group of gods and heroes journeyed into the underworld and brought him back from the land of the dead to resume his place in the sky. 

* Bel – The warrior god of storms and lightning. He is Ramtha's son. He wields a sword and shield, and carries a bag full of wind and storms.  

* Tane – The god of tricksters, wine and festivities. He is Ramtha's second son. He is a troublemaker, but sometimes saves the day with his cunning and wit. He sometimes takes the form of a fox, and foxes are his sacred animal. 

Orenoa Goddess of truth, order and wisdom. She is an ardent foe of Chaos and the undead, which defy the natural order. She is sometimes seen wearing a helmet and carrying a spear and shield to signify her position as a warrior against corruption. She only allows women to serve in her temple, and her priestesses are required to remain virgins to show their devotion. 

Ulora Goddess of rain and healing. She is Ramtha's wife and Bel's mother. She withholds rain from the land when she is angered or saddened. 

The Furies

The Furies are a group of outside gods who control dangerous forces. The people of Delos do not usually worship them regularly, but sometimes will make an offering to try to mollify them to ward off misfortune. 

* Apsu – God of the sea and the abyss. He is Ramtha's brother. Legend says they quarreled over who should rule the land of Delos, but Tane tricked Apsu into accepting rulership of the sea while Ramtha became ruler of the land and the sky. He jealously guards his realm, and is known for capriciously turning on those who do not properly respect him. 

* Aldborl – God of nature and the wilds. He is strange and unpredictable, sometimes cruel and other times kind. Black oaks are his sacred trees. 

* Malia – Goddess of disease and pestilence. 

* Thedd – Goddess of rape and mother of the dreadful beast-men known as Broos.


Chaos is less a god and more of a primordial force. It lurks at the edges of the world, corrupting portions of the land or sometimes corrupting people with its baleful influence, causing them to mutate into horrifying chaos creatures that menace those around them. When a chaos beast is sighted in the land of Delos, all good people band together to eradicate it. 

The Red Goddess

The Red Goddess is the chief goddess of the Lunar Empire, goddess of the moon, of change, and of enlightenment. She created the red moon that hangs in the sky. Her followers espouse a blasphemous philosophy known as the Lunar Way, which says that all things have a place in the Red Goddess' order – even Chaos. 

Gods of Delos

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